Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Today, my oldest grandson Kyle heads off to 7th grade!
Where has the time gone?

When my daughters were young, I loved taking them shopping to pick out their new backpacks, school supplies, shoes and clothes for the start of the new school year.  We would head to the local mall and spend the whole day focused on our buying mission. We would come home exhausted BUT we were armed and ready for whatever the new school year would bring.

Several days before school began we would try and kick back into the routine of going to bed earlier and getting out of bed in time for breakfast and to catch the bus. I busily planned quick and healthy breakfast menus to start the year off right and send them off with tummies full of nutritional goodness and lunches made from a mom’s heart full of love.

Sometimes I miss those days! The smell of morning pancakes floating through the air. The crowded bathroom, the rush to get ready to exit the back door. My husband was the peacemaker many mornings when my personality along with my oldest daughter would clash. (We are very much alike!)

As the first day of school closed upon us, my girls asked endless questions. Will I like my new teacher this year? Will my BFF’s be in my class? Should I take a bag lunch or eat school lunch? What if I can't find my bus? Endless wonderings paired with anxiety and excitement.

Now these are cherished memories. Those years flew by so quickly. Suddenly they were grown and gone!

To this day, as I did then, I start my mornings with my Bible in hand. Sitting in my office before the window that shines the days’ light on the pages; I pray for my daughters, son-in-law, and grandsons. I lay before God my concerns, fears, worries and ask Him to bless my children that day. I ask Him for protection and pray the full armor of God over their lives. I pray they make wise choices according to His Word. 

As you think about sending your children off to school this year, know they are securely wrapped in the Lord’s arms with his favor and blessing upon them.

Check back Thursday for a School Day Supper Recipe and Menu!

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